AMDirT Hackathon Nov. 2022

Members of the SPAAM Community are hosting a two day hackathon for the AncientMetagenomeDir companion tool - AMDirT.

This hackathon will be for anyone familiar with the python programming language , or who wish to be a guinea pig: for wrapping up development and testing of our AncientMetagenomeDir ToolKit (AMDirT), to get the tool and dataset ready for publication!

The hackathon will run from Weds 9th-Thurs 10th November from 09:00-16:00ish CET (and possibly longer for other timezones, depending on attendance)!

Maxime Borry will be leading the development team. Also, if you’re not comfortable with python or software testing, you are also welcome to use the time to help the community get in more publications into the AncientMetagenomeDir and library metadata database

As always, anyone who contributes either to the data and/or the tool will be included as coauthors on an upcoming publication.

If you’re interested in helping out please join #ancientmetagenomedir and #amdirt-dev slack channels!